ROME-Selected Lyrics 2005-2015 by Jerome Reuter

Rome Cover

Heartworm Press is honored to announce the release of ROME-Selected Lyrics 2005-2015 by Jerome Reuter. This chapbook collects fifteen of Reuter’s brilliant and unique lyrics spanning his recorded output and the words to one unreleased song. Reuter’s lyrics are a personal favorite of ours and we are thrilled to present them in this medium. Edition of 200 copies, hand numbered. Heartworm #63 available for pre-order in the store now.

Luxembourgish singer-songwriter Jerome Reuter founded ROME in 2005 and has since recorded and released many groundbreaking albums in the underground folk and post-industrial music world. ROME’s musical and lyrical world is genuinely unique, blending traditional songwriting craftsmanship, unorthodox arrangements and fine poetry into one impressive avant-garde package that combines post-punk, chanson, dark ambient, apocalyptic folk, martial industrial and cold wave. Over a series of remarkable concept albums, the Luxembourgish artist has developed a unique ‘poetry of longing’ which rings out from the dark melancholic mist of rootlessness and which gives expression to a unique brand of modern-day forlornness.

Reuter’s songs are rooted just as much in the tradition of his chansonier heroes like BREL and FERRÉ, as in the darker brands of (post-)industrial music culture. Rome’s lyrics are inspired by world literature from William Burroughs to Paul Bowles, from Peter Weiss to Ernst Jünger, from Camus to Genet. Reuter’s frequent use of collage and sampling techniques serves to create a new kind of intertextuality of word and sound. The lyrical beauty of Reuter’s compositions, the depths of his poetry and the complex experimental arrangements make ROME an unusually challenging musical experience.

ROME will be performing in the USA this April.




Alternative Useless Irrational Magic



Alternative Useless Irrational Magic. Hand made and assembled poetry photo collage zine by Wesley Eisold. Love, Life, Death and the Avant Garde. Hand numbered and stapled, in cellophane, edition of 200. Available now in the store.

Heartworm # 62

Eric Paul in the Literary Review


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Eric Paul – The Man Who Can’t Say No available now!


The new Eric Paul 7″ is here and available now! Eric Paul reads thirteen new poems. The Man Who Can’t Say No is a 7″ record limited to 250 copies on yellow vinyl.

He is the author of I Offered Myself As The Sea and Love In The Monkey Cage, as well as the vocalist/lyricist of Arab On Radar, The Chinese Stars and Doomsday Student.

Side A: Wider, Riot, The Advice, Cheap Rent, Before Her, Unemployed Husband, And You?
Side B: Can’t Afford The Medication, Meat, Parenting, The Kiss, The Visit, The Man Who Can’t Say No

You can order your copy in the store section now.

Be sure to see him this month on his reading tour:

September 18 • Boston, MA • Industry Lab
September 19 • Allentown, PA • Good Weekend
September 20 • Philadelphia, PA • Space 1026
September 21 • Baltimore, MD• The Crown
September 22 • Brooklyn, NY • Silent Barn
September 23 • Providence, RI • Columbus Theatre
September 24 • Manchester, NH • New Hampshire Institute of Art
September 25 • Purchase, NY • SUNY Purchase

Eric Paul- The Man Who Can’t Say No 7″ Coming Soon


The infamous poet laureate of the underworld reads new poems. 7″ coming soon. Heartworm 61.